Do you have unpaid traffic fines?

Are you facing a driver’s licence suspension?

Traffic Infringement

The State Penalties Enforcement Registry of Queensland (also known as SPER), is the government agency that deals with unpaid traffic fines, and also has the power to suspend your licence.

If you have received a letter from SPER, it is important that you act on it.

Many drivers are worried about being able to pay off the traffic infringement debt they have accumulated. But did you know that you can enter into a payment plan that makes it much easier to clear your debt?

While SPER can suspend your licence, there are specific steps they must take before this happens.

  1. The first thing they have to do, with respect to the debt, is to make a demand for the amount by contacting you in writing.
  2. The next stage, if you haven’t paid the amount, is that they will most likely issue an enforcement order.
  3. If you still don’t comply, SPER can opt to suspend your licence.

But even if this happens, you still have some options. For example, it’s possible that you didn’t keep your address details updated with Queensland Transport & Main Roads.

Or for some other reason, the enforcement orders, or notices from SPER regarding your driver’s licence never got to you. If this happens, you could find yourself unknowingly driving while suspended, and then facing a charge for doing so.

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