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Advance Health Directive & Medical Care

Here is how your advance health directive and Medical Care. Getting older is a part of life that no-one can avoid, so it’s worth thinking about the medical treatment you wish to receive if you lose the capacity to make such a choice for yourself. Who can make decisions regarding your health care? If you have the capacity, your Doctor should […]

Contesting or Disputing a Will

HOW TO CONTEST OR DISPUTE A WILL IN QUEENSLAND? There are generally two ways of disputing or contesting a Will: Questioning the validity of the Will; or Proving that there has been an inadequate provision for you under the Will.  QUESTIONING THE VALIDITY OF THE WILL A person may dispute the validity of a Will, […]

Death to Distribution : Estate Administration

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time for your family.  Here is everything you need to know from death to execution of a Will. Was there a valid Will? When someone passes away, their Will comes into effect to appoint someone as the Executor (also known as Legal Personal Representative) of their […]

Property Squatters:How to get them off?

Property Squatters: Who are they? What rights do they have? How to get them off property? Who are they? A squatter is a person who resides in a property without the consent of the landlord/registered owner of that land. The difference between property squatters and a tenant is the absence of a formal/verbal agreement made […]

Inheritance and Property Settlement During Divorce

The question often arises as to how the inheritance should be dealt with in a property settlement during a divorce. Inheritance in property settlement during a divorce generally fall into one of three categories: Inheritances received during the relationship; Inheritances received late in the relationship or following separation; Anticipated or prospective inheritance – where a party […]

COVID-19 Impact on Parenting Orders.

We understand that during these unprecedented times surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, parents are naturally concerned about the safety of their children and how the restrictions will affect their lives and executing parenting orders during COVID-19. Children benefit from structure, routine and consistency. Therefore, as far as possible, parents should ensure that they continue to comply […]