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What is a Domestic Violence Order?

What is a domestic violence order? And how do you apply for one? Watch this video from Queensland Courts that answers these questions and more, and then please share it with anyone you think could benefit from this important information. If you have any questions, or you need help with any family law matters, please contact Cornerstone […]

Choosing a Conveyancer

Tips for ensuring your property transactions go as smoothly as possible Buying a property, either as your own home or as an investment property can be an exciting time. It could be your first home or the dream home you have always wanted. Or are you a property investor looking for rental returns and the potential for […]

Separating from your partner – a 7 step guide

The end of a relationship is usually a traumatic and stressful experience. When separating, couples not only need to have arrangements in place for the care of their children but also have to think about separating their assets and property. No matter how straightforward the process may seem to be, separation is life changing and […]

Migration Lawyer and Migration Agent – Some Key Differences

Immigration Law is one of the most complicated areas of law. It involves a very complex piece of legislation, including policy guidelines, Parliamentary directives and approximately 150 visa categories. The legislation is constantly changing and therefore it is extremely important that you obtain proper advice and representation to maximise your possibilities to migrate to Australia. […]