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How to prepare for a Family Report Interview

What is a Family Report? A Family Report is a document prepared by a Family Report Writer or Family Consultant. It provides information about you, your children and your family to assist the Judge and the parties make decisions about what arrangements are best for the children. Family Consultants are qualified counsellors or psychologists, with […]

Five steps to ensuring a smooth commercial property sale

Review the contract Commercial property sale: Commercial contracts are usually drafted using the standard Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) commercial land and buildings contract, but either party can choose to include special conditions within the contract that may alter or replace the standard conditions. It’s important that the contract conditions listed reflect your requirements […]

Four steps to ensuring a smooth commercial property purchase

Purchasing a commercial property is a significant investment decision which carries substantial financial implications for you and your family or your business partners. As there are several considerations which can affect the outcome of your property purchase, it is best to speak with your lawyer before signing any contract to purchase a commercial property to […]

Australia’s temporary employer sponsored skilled visa program is changing: find out if this affects you

In 2017, the Australia Government announced the abolition of the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457 visa), to be replaced with the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa in March this year. Who is affected by these reforms? You are affected by these reforms if you are a: 457 visa holder prospective 457 visa applicant […]

Marriage equality in Australia

Marriage equality: On 8 December 2017 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull signed into Law the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017. For those people who are in relationships that aren’t heterosexual, the effect of the Act is huge.  The Act gives the same rights, regarding marriage, to ALL people, but the biggest right it […]

Making a difference

Cornerstone Law Offices took part in an amazing fundraising event recently that I thought I would share with you. The event was to help cancer sufferer Katy with some much needed funds for her ongoing treatment. Some of Katy’s friends got together and organised a bingo night, and asked us if we could help out. […]

SPER Driver licence suspensions

The State Penalties Enforcement Registry (QLD) commonly referred to as SPER, is the government agency a driver would be dealing with if they wish to enter into a payment plan regarding their accumulated traffic infringement debts. SPER would also be the agency contacting you regarding unpaid fines in the event a driver has neglected to […]

An understanding of the Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (Subclass 790)

The Safe Haven Enterprise Visa, also known as the SHEV, is a new temporary protection visa that allows refugees, or people found to meet Australia’s protective obligations under the Protection Application Information and Guides, to work and/or study in SHEV supportive regional Australia for a period of five years. This is only available for immigrants […]

Will I get to see my kids for Christmas?

School holidays can be a stressful time of year for parents who are separated. Are you concerned that the other parent might not allow you to spend time with your children over the holidays? Are you and your former partner arguing about who the children should live or spend time with? Has it been a […]