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What are the benefits of using a lawyer over a conveyancer?

This is a question we are often asked. When it comes to a generic, run of the mill sale or purchase – the answer is, there isn’t much difference. However, there aren’t many matters in the conveyancing world that don’t have any issues or and when those issues arise, you may want a qualified lawyer in your corner.

Before signing a contract, as a seller or a buyer, you should have your lawyer/conveyancer read over the contract to make sure there are no nasty surprises. Qualified lawyers have the added bonus of years of study and experience to ensure that when they draft special conditions for you, they are airtight and acting for you in the way you desire. Special conditions can have a significant impact on a contract, so it is important to ensure they are drafted correctly and afford you with the protection as required.

Generally, lawyers don’t take on as many files as conveyancers as they may be working in other areas of law at the same time. At Cornerstone Law Offices, we pride ourselves on not taking on quantity but working for the highest quality in all our matters.

There are always sticky situations that arise in a conveyancing matter. You may require negotiations following the results of a building and pest inspection. Whilst conveyancers and lawyers are both able to make negotiations, sometimes it is beneficial to have a lawyer acting for you especially if the issue extends past the conveyance and you need further representation.

Should there be a dispute between parties during the settlement process, a lawyer can give you specific legal advice on that issue, where as a conveyancer will direct you to seek independent legal advice. This can become common when parties are selling due to separation.

The biggest advantage a lawyer provides over a conveyancer, is the opportunity for parties to utilise their services for other matters following their sale or purchase, i.e. retain representation. There are many reasons that someone sells or buys a property, and generally there is another issue which they will need legal advice on. For example, as a seller, you may be going through a separation where you will need to engage a lawyer to represent you in future family matters. Or you might be selling the property as you are moving into a retirement village and you will need a lawyer to help you with your wills and estate or power of attorney and advanced health directives.

The same applies for a buyer, once you purchase a property – you have an asset to your name. You should review and update your will so that this asset is protected should something happen to you. This ensures the property passes to someone as per your wishes.

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